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Spread your business Globally with Authentic Website Content Writing Services

Have you ever thought about what increases the relevance of a website? A website is actually made of design and a set of codes to define its functionalities. But what is it that bestows life and makes the website meaningful? A site is easily understood by its visitors through Website Content Writing Services. Attractive Keyword targeted contents, catchy tagline and call to action make a reader understand your services within seconds.

When a customer walks into a shop we speak about what they want, the price, the warranty, the guarantee, and every other detail. But who is going to speak for you when someone comes to your online shop? Yes, the contents of your website do!

The meaningful and useful information communicate with your visitors or audience. As a website require thousands of words to make your audience understand about you, there can be no one better to write about your services than an expert content writing agency. Therefore, read through to know how we frame your SEO Article Writing Service

The Evolution of SEO Content Writing

Over the year, Search Engine Optimization has grown up, proved itself, made a good place in the industry and is living a bonafide life. But SEO is like doing only half the job and the other half is done by informative content. Our Website Content Writing Services are not just filling up your website pages, rather it is the transmission of information. Our content writers create a connection between you and your audiences.

At Ciomic Technologies, our SEO content writers aim to bring high rank to a website by informing Google about your business. The contents they create are 100% authentic, grammatically correct, and non-plagiarized. Since customers judge your credibility through the content of your website, we make no compromise on the quality.

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is actually a strategic approach that is based on creating, and distributing valuable relevant content to inform and retain customers.

Website Content Writing Services is the marketing of a business or brand through educational, insightful, database information. The articles and blogs help readers know the services, and the products available on the website.

It is an ongoing process that is essential for your overall marketing strategy. Website contents not only focuses on attracting customers but also retaining them by creating and curating relevant, useful articles, blogs posts. The intention should be to change or enhance customer behavior.

What is the Importance of Content Marketing?

Imagine you offer certain services to your customers. You have a beautiful website with images, animations and every other thing that are needed to call it a good website. But the blank images cannot clarify what your business is all about, what are the services you offer, or the benefits of your services, How using your products can help them. Yes, there is a saying that pictures speak thousands of words but they are not enough when it comes to explaining the details of a business or its services.

Today’s prospects have a strong appetite for good information and content can show more resistance to boost sells. You must have sufficient problem-solving stories that the consumers face in the regular life. Provide advice, knowledge, and ways to solve these problems. Overall this is the era of the internet and people love to solve their problems easily by surfing Google. And if your website offers useful tactics then surely you can nurture more consumers with your business.

What should a Website Content Writing Services include?

Google recommends writing useful contents and changing them after a certain period of time. This is because genuinely interested consumers and customers will read through your pages to build authority. Normally Website Content Writing services start with searching high ranked keywords, sorting out unique titles for these pages and the short Meta Descriptions for the service and website pages. Professional Content Writing Services ensure that all the landing pages and blogs that are written for your website are unique, fresh and informative.

Ciomic Technologies is very particular about offering their clients reader focused, search engine friendly copies. We believe a good business personalized strategy will let you customize your contents in a better way. For all our customers we research and plan strategies that bring fast results.

Other than articles and blogs we also leverage the following social proof principles to influence customers to notice your business easily:

  • Customer Testimonials: Customer contents are surely the most trustworthy information that prospects love to read. The testimonial is a great tool to show the comments of real people, who have used your services. The comments are usually paired with friendly customer pictures, accompanied with their name, designation, and their location.

  • Educational User Generated Videos: As we all know many customers avoid reading long contents because they do not have time to go through them or they simply consider them as boring. But when it comes to videos, visitors certainly love to watch how the process works. For a user-generated video, you surely need a beautiful script. At Ciomic Technologies our content writing team are very efficient in creating effective explaining video script, based on your services. The script is surely easy to read and will encourage your customers to view it more times.

  • Social Media Contents: Social Media brings more engagement and an interesting facebook or LinkedIn article can actually bring in more customers to your website. The golden rule for social media contents are it must be interesting, must portray recent offers or discounts, and how such service or products can help you in your daily life. PPC Copywriting, Graphics, and also infographics can also help in increasing your followers, likes, and popularity.

What kind of SEO content writing services do we offer?

In today’s digital world, maximum business owners look forward to advertising their services. But in 2011, Google update confirmed that more than 70% of the users prefer information from their posts. Therefore, a completely authentic SEO Content Writing strategy is needed to fulfil the demands of the clients.

  • Landing Page

  • Article Writing Services

  • Website Blogs

  • Product and Service Pages

  • Press Release

  • Guest Blogging

  • Product description

  • Writing Reviews

  • Multimedia Content Creation through video, & graphics

The main motive of SEO Article Writing Services is to inform, educate and also entertain the visitors. Meaningful Contents can make them stay for a longer time and in turn, will reduce bounce rates. Customer-centric contents by Ciomic Technologies focus on increasing awareness, capitalize on a broader audience leading to a gradual increase in organic traffic through articles or blogs.

What kind of SEO content writing services do we offer?

Website copies are important because you are explaining who you are, what are the services you offer, and your experience in this field. The best Website Content Writing Services will speak right to your customers. Every page must have customer-centric content, with the readers in mind.

Our website content writing services are:

  • Authentic for each domain

  • 100% Copyscape passed

  • Properly optimized for search engines

  • Error-free articles and blogs

  • Free of grammar errors

  • Customer Centric

  • Engaging and fresh content

  • Helpful Customer Service

  • SEO friendly with proper Keyword placement

Disadvantages of poor Website Content Writing Services

SEO Content Writing is considered the easiest of all digital marketing services. Content is the Jack of all trades and a bad strategy may penalize your website. Clients do not understand the functionalities of codes, the only language they understand is words. Once the contents are placed on a website and gone live, hundreds of readers are going through them. Meaningless contents surely drive the audience away.

Here are a few cons of poor content Writing:

  • Keyword Stuffing: Using keywords in the wrong place or stuffing them can result in bad SEO. Google may consider such content as spam.

  • Copied content from others website: Google is against copied contents and simply love to read the unique ones. Therefore, in case your website is not in the 1st pages, chances are that the content is old or not unique.

  • Bad Formatting: The content formatting also plays an important role in attracting an audience. Website contents must have short paragraphs with relevant images. Technical or high-quality grammar can demotivate customers. The golden of SEO Content Writing is it must be mostly peoples talk.

  • Negative Publicity: Do not over publicize your products, through each and every content. Contents must be informative following the 70:30 ratio. 70% informative contents with 30% advertisement.

    As an SEO Article Writing service provider, we are particular about the content writing guidelines mentioned by Google. We rely completely on organic social promotion. With time you will surely notice your pages ranking high in Google beating your competitors.

How do we set up SEO content writing?

A cohesive Content Marketing strategy is essential to bring a business into the limelight. Without defining who your target audience and the market you plan to work on, creating a website is completely meaningless. Therefore, we research your business competitors, check what kind of topics they are using, find out your target market and audience and then finally set up a strategy.

Here is our SEO Content Writing work process:

  • Researching on your Topic Area: The main objective of content writing is to inform your customers of your services and the overall information about your business module. First, we audit your full website, whether it has proper titles, meta descriptions, and sufficient words as required by Google. In case, of a completely new website, our content writing team prepares fresh content, with high ranked keywords to bring fast visibility.

  • Setting up the Content Marketing strategy: Following the research, we develop a strategy according to your needs. Our approach is focused on maintaining integrated content tactics and create a meaningful experience for your audiences. They decide how many blogs to prepare in a month, the number of articles, social media posts and also other details from which your business can hugely benefit.

  • Planning the Content: The topic of the content is planned out according to the need of the audience. We maintain the use of high volume keywords especially long tail, along with LSI Keywords, and other keyword phrases. Ciomic Technologies is focused on developing a cohesive content plan that can be implemented to serve the needs of your audience.

  • Creation of Content and Implementation: Finally, the works are distributed among our content writers and they use their creativity and knowledge to design quality contents for your website. Not only that, when it comes to a new website, we deliver timely Content Writing Services. For off-page SEO, the content writing creates informative and promotional contents each month and post them on popular blog and article sites. Our intention remains firm to plan out content that can attract, engage, and convert your prospects into customers.

  • Optimizing the content for SEO: We maintain a particular word limit for each content topic. Once they finish their writing, the copy testers and proofreaders rectify mistakes and set the copy perfect. Along with it they optimize the contents with Keywords and maintain the keyword limit as mentioned by Google.

  • Promotion of Content: The SEO team upload the contents to the websites and finally, start working on it. The blogs and articles act as backlinks which in turn is promoted through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more.

  • Content Maintenance: Google recommends changing the contents after a certain period of time. Hence, at Ciomic Technologies we encourage data-driven content marketing approach to check the performance of the articles. Our Article Writing Services are time-tested to improve the readability, rankings and customer experience.

Choose SEO content writing services from Ciomic Technologies

Whether you are looking for Website Content Writing Services, Article Writing Services, SEO Content Writing, or a Freelance Content Writer, Ciomic Technologies has skills, talent and expertise to craft highly functional contents and bring new traffic to your site. We have been serving clients across the country for over 4 years and is successful in increasing the online revenue for our clients.

Contact us to experience our well-defined Website Content Writing Services. Get in touch with us to know our SEO Content Writing prices or to discuss a plan that will work best for your project. Our promise is to work hard and help you make business and reliability in the industry.


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