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Wondering how to increase your website visibility and sales with Search Engine Marketing & Social Media Marketing Services? Or searching for ways to get into Google’s 1st page where your competitors website ranks? With the growing demand for online marketing and the craving for better visibility, the need for SEO has changed drastically.

At Ciomic Technologies we understand that Search Engine Optimization has always been an important subject of interested for everyone. As a business owner, it is not possible to know all the technical aspects of Digital Marketing. But it is certainly easy for you to understand the subject of better sales and boost in profits. And this is why our Professional Search Engine Optimization Services are based on the latest Google Algorithm Updates.

Why SEO Optimization?

To be very honest, SEO Services has had a very bad reputation. If you do not have a really good SEO Campaign, then it is a bet that you are receiving several calls or SEO proposals every day promising keyword rankings in the ‘Top of the Pops’.

With the internet boom and facilities for making sufficient returns through the web, many business and service owners plan to invest capital in designing and developing a website. But design and development mean making a virtual framework of the services you offer. Search Engine Optimization refers to any action that is taken to improve the site performance in organic search results. It is through Social Media Marketing Services and search inclusion your website gains more visibility.

SEO may be daunting but it is essential for your business success in the long run. Actually, most businesses are familiar with SEO Optimization and maybe your competitors are already using it. There are 100s of websites in your business niche offering the same service. Now when someone in need of your service and enters their query in google. Consequently, only those websites with high ranks will appear on the first page. Now the question is how their website appears and your’s do not.

The Answer is Social Media Marketing and SEO. If potential customers cannot find you, probably you are losing demographics and profits. Furthermore, through Social Media Marketing you are structuring and promoting your website to receive a steady increase in organic visitors each day. More visibility means more visitors to your website and gradually more sales.

Are you completely new to online marketing?

Maybe, you are worried about investing a huge amount on something called SEO, or rather you are unable to trust a company with SEO Outsourcing Services. At Ciomic Technologies we offer a 4 months SEO package for our clients, where you can be able to see a boost in rankings from the 3rd month. Whether we are the first firm you are checking out or the 3rd, our main aim to offer you white-hat, organic SEO/ SMO/ PPC Services. As a business owner you must be wondering when I have a business website, why do I need to do SEO, keep reading to know more.

Know our Search Engine Marketing Process

Without a well-implemented SEO strategy, it is certainly difficult for your target audience to find your business online. Our SEO strategies are custom made through sufficient research on your business niche. Google frequently comes with new updates and at our company, we strictly abide by those.

  • Designing a strong SEO Strategy: Firstly SEO is not a one man’s work, it requires coordination of several departments (designers, developers, SEO specialist, copywriters, business managers and so on.) Therefore, to reduce the complexity of the ranking factor, we figure out the right SEO strategy for your company. We review and analyze your current website, its rankings, evaluate its issues and then suggest an SEO strategy.

  • Competition Analysis and developing keywords: The best keywords are those that come on the first page. Our Local SEO Services involve a thorough market research and then formulating keywords, on-page optimization, marketing plan and more.

  • Complete On-Page fix up: From the errors found in your site audit report we start fixing the website on-page. On-page is the most important part of a website. It not only helps you to rank higher but also bring more traffic to your website. Our SEO team conducts complete on page fixup, from meta titles to meta descriptions, image alt tags and adding unique contents.

  • Analytics Set up and testimonials: Through Google analytics setup we monitor your SEO progress, and growth. Accordingly, we fix the potential problems before they go out of hand. We track your keywords and how it affects your sales, track goals and generate reports, and also check the place from where you are getting maximum leads.

  • Starting Off-page SEO on full fledge: After the on page is set up, we start generating backlinks through off-page SEO, and Social Media Posts. We actually generate strong backlinks through classified ad post, social bookmarking, PPT submission and much more. Our content marketing team provide articles, blogs, guest posts, and press release to redirect the customers to your website with informative contents.

  • Regular Rank Checkup: Throughout the month our team keeps track of the keyword rankings through Google Analytics and organic keyword search. Accordingly, we again reframe our Affordable SEO Services strategy and work procedure.

Consequences of Bad SEO?

Signing up with an incompetent Search Engine Optimization Company can be frightening. Bad SEO can fail to attract traffic towards your website, and even in the worst case, your rank can go down. There are hundreds of companies if not thousands claim to be the best SEO Companies. But if you want the timely result, hire such a company who not only claim to be the best but also proves it through their services.

Here are a few consequences of bad SEO:

  • Fall in the SERP Ranking: SEO is considered to be easiest or it is all data entry. But in reality the field of SEO is huge, it requires a true knowledge about keeping up the health of the site. Unethical uses can lead to falling in Keyword ranking or Google can consider your works as spam.

  • Overdoing Off-Page Posts: Many companies consider that posting as many classified or social post can bring better visibility. But the concept is absolutely wrong. It is essential to bring engagement daily, but overdoing it surely makes the google gods angry.

  • Content Spinning and Copied Contents: Google value unique and informative contents and using similar contents everywhere leads to content spam. Google has the right to penalize a website if it finds spamming of contents.

  • Massive Search Engine Submissions: Many companies claim that we submit your website to over 100 to 1000 search engines. But a well-built website does not need to be submitted to major search engines. It builds its own ground and if you have perfect on-page it will gradually come into rank through google indexing.

  • The wrong Backlink Build Up: Building too many links by submitting contents in the wrong sites is considered to be black-hat SEO. Such SEO works can damage the credibility of your website in search engines. The best way to build meaningful links is through posting quality articles, blogs at prime blogging and article sites.


Our Approach to your Social Media Marketing & Search Engine Optimization is anything but simple. We never mix the same strategies for our clients. All we do is use enough data and research to create the best possible user experience for your visitors. Our objectives and strategies are built upon hard data and this is how we create the most efficient, result oriented campaigns ever. We always consult our clients at every step and wait for feedback before proceeding to the next step.

We can help you create the perfect Social Media Campaigns in the top Social Networks like:

  • Facebook

  • Google+

  • YouTube

  • Pinterest

  • StumbleUpon

  • LinkedIn

  • Instagram

  • Twitter

It is very clear that nearly all ages of people are very much active on social media, and they will be happy to follow your posts for inspiration. We set our SMO strategies according to your business needs and target audience. Generally, the Social Media Specialist sets the weekly posts, offers, videos, infographics and the topics to be shared for bringing engagement. Contact us to know our data-driven optimization advice and tailor-made Social Media Marketing Services.

PPC Management Services or Google Adwords Management Services

PPC Management Services give you the opportunity to get the best keyword ranking on search engines. Our Google Adwords Management is focused on helping you reap maximum benefits. The Adwords Professionals are experienced and as a team we have refined our PPC Management Services, to get the best possible results. The cost of PPC management varies according to your business and how much you plan to invest in the PPC or AdWords Campaign. We keep monitoring paid traffic to your website at regular intervals.

How can Google advertising help in your business growth?

  • If you are far behind your competitors, PPC can get you running

  • Brings more visitors to your website, customers, and followers

  • Provides better Return on Interest (ROI), boosts profits

  • Through Google Adwords, it is easily measurable and trackable

  • PPC Management Services are flexible and the Google advertisements are editable while your ads are running.

  • Through Google AdWords, you can easily drive in more traffic to your contents and Landing Pages.

  • Search Engine Marketing, Google Advertising, and Social Media Marketing Services work hand in hand and creates maximum impressions.

  • Gives you incredible targeting options through text ads, remarketing ads, or by focusing on audience demographics.

    Google Advertising can result in high-level brand exposure which in turn can lead to more profits and eCommerce sale. On the other hand, Adwords remarketing is a great way to keep visitors engaged. This is a technique of PPC Management services where we repeatedly show previous visitors products they have recently viewed.

    Contact us to know our Google AdWords Campaign Management Services, or outsource PPC services to us!

Our Professional SEO Services

Our aim behind offering SEO Services to the clients always remains the same that is top rankings in the top SERPs. Being in the Digital marketing industry for over 3 years, it is a promise that we will never give you a chance of discontentment.

Other than successful search engine ranking we keep changing our strategies as per the change in Google Algorithm. Hence, here are a little about our Professional SEO Services and strategies.

  • On-Page SEO Services: Initial Audit Report of your site.Keyword Research with reference to your business.Analyzing Competitors Site.Creating Authentic Page related Contents.Optimization of Focus Keyword, Meta Title, Meta description, Header tags.Alt Tag optimizationVideo OptimizationInclude Keyword in your URL Unique Contents

  • Off-Page SEO Services: Link BuildingDirectory SubmissionsForum SubmissionsInfographic & Image SubmissionsArticle/ Blog/ Guest Post/ Press release SubmissionBusiness ReviewsSocial BookMarking Classified Submissions Local listings Data Upload PPT Upload Video & Image Upload Social Media Submission

  • Technical SEO Services: Setting Up the Google Search ConsoleSubmission of Google SitemapInstalling Google WebMasters ToolsSet Up Google Analytics Install Toast SEO for WordPressIdentify Crawl ErrorsInstall Robot.txt in your siteMobile First IndexingSSL SecurityCorrection of errors and faulty redirects Regular Rank Check & Google Indexing

What is the use if you are having a website and not getting any results? Double your business with our 4 months SEO & SMM package and successfully convert your visitors into customers. Call or contact to get a free quote or to know our SEO package. Grow your business with Ciomic technologies, ask us for a free quote!

Why Choose Ciomic Technologies as your digital marketing specialist?

As a Professional SEO Company, we are always learning and our topmost priority is to generate sufficient business for you. Moreover, Organic SEO is not static we keep on studying updates to deliver the best rankings to our clients. It’s a true fact that customers visit only those sites that rank high in Google and by high it means the 1st page. 80% of the customers only search the 1st page of Google and of course, our aim is to make your keywords rank high.

Do we welcome Social Media Marketing Outsourcing services?

Since our inception, we have successfully delivered projects that includes Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing Services. Furthermore, we also support small business SEO services, Online Reputation Management (ORM), Digital Marketing and Affordable SEO Services. Here at Ciomic Technologies, we also invite SEO Outsourcing and love to work as SEO outsourcing partner. Not only do we create a virtual office with you but also ensures 100% white-hat SEO solutions.

For more information on our SEO, SMO, PCC, Social Media Marketing Service packages, write to us at or call us at +919836816718.


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