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Are you looking for Responsive Web Design & Graphic Design Services to dominate the online industry? With all your competitors having their business website, even you must be feeling like, giving them a tough fight. But most probably you are confused about ‘Where to start from’! With minimum knowledge about website marketing strategies and how a website design works, its quite natural to become diverted, confused, and misled by the excellent commitments that the digital marketing agencies make.

Maybe you are not sure about what kind of Mobile UI Design,  or Graphic design services your business needs? In this mobile age, smartphone users have surpassed desktop browsing and this arises the need for Responsive Web Design.

Ciomic Technologies as a web design and development company has inside-out experience in professional responsive web design services, that can attract your target audience in the best possible way.

Benefits of custom Web and Graphic Designing

A very common thought that runs on every business owners mind, “As I can choose from hundreds of Generic Website Templates, then why should I go for a costly Custom Web Design?” A template that you are planning to buy, maybe already bought by your competitor. Now you decide where is the element of Uniqueness? Every business has its unique model and a pre-designed template fails to provide the perfect dressing.

The World of Web and Graphics Designing is no doubt congested. The website is one of the most important aspects of your online presence. If you look through the designer’s eyes it is all about creativity, but if you look through the eyes of a business owner it’s just a business generating medium. In case you are caught between two stools, have a word with our Web Page Designer.

Know how custom web and graphic design establish your online presence more effectively compared to Generic Website Templates:

  • Proper Navigation:A finely tuned responsive web design is power packed with information, call to action button and visual appeal. Individualized layouts give a winning edge to your services and products. Headlines, text, and menus are tailored to place your visual elements properly. A custom web design will encourage people to spend more time on the website learning about your business. At Ciomic Technologies we use content first web design techniques that focus on telling a story and spreading your message to the users. Navigation must be as intuitive as possible and menu items should be easily accessible from any page. The viewer should always have the idea where they are and in which place they like to be.
  • SEO Friendly Web Design:Generic Website Templates only give a body to your website and they are actually not optimized to generate leads. Only creating a well-designed website will not ensure that your site receives a high amount of traffic. What good is a website if no one acknowledges its existence? As an Affordable Custom Web Design company, we value SEO as the primary prerequisite of a website. Incorporating optimized SEO techniques in your affordable custom web design will double your search traffic and keep the Google Gods by your side.
  • Responsive Design:Stock templates are created for mass utilization and are built keeping all the potential customers in mind. You may not need a few functionalities of the design and this creates a hindrance in managing the site, eventually leading to slow loading speed. More than half of the traffics come from mobile devices, therefore, having a Responsive Web Design is more important than owning a site with an amazing design. The website must be compatible with multiple devices, in every screen sizes ranging from smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.
  • Typefaces, colors, and images:Custom web and graphic design use the right images for your websites, a well-thought color palette to enhance user experiences, and easier to read online fonts. The more the white space the cleaner is the look. A web design template cannot project your brand because your business has a story and it is only ‘You’ who can narrate in an effective manner. A predetermined format and structure will squeeze your website authenticity.
  • Communicate the purpose of the website:Web Designers use website design templates, themes, headlines, sub-headlines, bullet points, and call to action button for proper communication. There is a saying “ Pictures can speak a thousand words”, therefore, as a creative web design company we keep the needs of the user in mind. Custom Responsive Website design, are made only to suit your specific needs, which a generic template fails to provide. Cutting the cost is not a good solution when you want your website to focus on your goals. For example, to design a fashion website our web designers use, bold images, catchy taglines, and impressive fashion blogs because that is the best way to communicate about current trends.
  • Proper Contents: Responsive Web Design:means the righteous use of contents mixed with unique graphics and images. Search Engines are more bent towards words than pictures, a generic stock design template may look appealing but will fail to serve your sustainable content needs. As a creative web design company, we use grid-based layouts, as it arranges the content and provides a balanced look to your website. Along with that we also use info-graphics, videos, and client reviews in a properly structured manner.

Know the philosophy of Good Design is Good Business

Online Marketing through the Social Media is heading towards a more mature phase. Have you ever wondered what attracts your customers and brings engagement? It is Graphics and we know it as the art of combining text and pictures. Web Graphics Design aims to identify your targeted audience to promote a strong brand. The usefulness of graphics exceeds far beyond your company logos and pictures. Graphics means brochures, packaging, branding, magazines, leaflets and many more. Creative Graphics Design has become a part of doing business in virtual and physical markets.

How Expert Graphic Design Services help you to grow engagement?

  • Social Media Marketing is based on Graphics: Graphics Designs literally means creating a specific message in a professional way. Today organizations use channels like twitter, facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn to share messages and engage with customers. And this is possible with the help of delivering useful messages through videos, infographics, celebrations and warm wishes using bold texts with colorful pictures
  • Social Platforms can increase your engagement: Shares and likes can bring in more traffic to your site via the hashtags. Such strategies are highly useful for off page SEO as you get the chance to include your keywords, useful information, along with an eye catchy informative picture. Creating stories, delivering tips, including the benefits of your services through interesting infographics can make it more easy to track trends and increase conversations.
  • Communicate through videos and animations: The growth of Video Marketing has been impressive throughout the years. As informative videos and animations, increase engagement among users, various brands consider this new creative path of expert graphic design services to transfer information about their upcoming projects, services, products and how the users can benefit from it.So, now you know why web graphics design have been getting maximum Return On Investment (ROI). Get an experienced graphic designer and web page designer to plan and design unique, creative banners, templates, Instagram images, facebook cover photos, website banners, and much more.

Our Approach to Web and Graphic Designing

  • Briefing the project with the client: This time dedicated to gaining information about the client’s requirements, the business details and what kind of website they need.
  • Discovery of facts: Whatever our projects are it may be web design, creative graphic design, logo design, we provide the 1st priority to your beverage of choice. In fact, our designers will ask for your reference websites, competitors, logo, and color preferences
  • Brainstorming to reach a solution: Depending on the type of project we provide the framework for development. Research is what helps us the most to determine the goals of an affordable custom web design.
  • Preparing Mockups: The mockups include the home page design from which you can get the complete insight of how your website will look like. Our eCommerce website designers assure you that all your design functionalities are surely included in it
  • Building the Design: A perfect web design must have a proper about us page, contact information, a customized call to action button, search button, information footer, email address, great images, and also graphics with your chosen web fonts.
  • Getting approval and refining the work: The final design is sent to you for approval, and we will surely accept your feedback with an open smile. In fact, we complete the changes suggested by you, then we proceed to the next stage.
  • Start the production with the design: The design is sent to the production team for HTML coding. Our web page designer team consist of experienced HTML designers who provide custom web design to the clients
  • Ready for development: After the HTML coding, your website is handed over to the web development team, who brings life to your website through widgets, plugins, and also numerous end to end hand coding.

Why is Mobile UI Design essential?

All popular Mobile apps are designed keeping the UI(User Interface)/UX (User Experience) in mind and failing to offer a smooth navigation and engaging usability results in failure to attract users. The Mobile UI Design refers to the look and feel of the mobile Application. It generally focuses on the app presentation as the UI designer works on the graphics of the app. The UX design, on the other hand, highlights the feel of the app. Through an efficient UX design, you can enhance the simplicity of Mobile apps and increase customer satisfaction and trust.

In order to meet the customer demands, Ciomic Technologies ensures the following Mobile UI Design features:

  • Intuitive app navigation
  • Easy to understand the design
  • Error-free CSS and HTML coding
  • Quick loading time
  • Social Media Integration
  • Making the brand presence felt through various digital channels
  • Quick response to customer queries through chats, and call icons
  • Effective for eCommerce business

The main reason for building a business app using Mobile UI Design is for achieving brand reputation, building a brand name, and to generate more traffic and leads. You must consider UI Design for an excellent user experience and also a successful business.

Therefore, in case you are thinking of designing an app with Mobile UI Design, Ciomic technologies can help you. We also have connections with Freelance UX Designers, experienced in the custom web designing for years. They work with top web design and development company and supports us on project demand.

Wondering how can potential web graphics design pitfalls affect your business?

In today’s world, a robust design is far more worthy than an attractive but badly executed website. Therefore, if your website is having any of the following pitfalls, hire an experienced web designer to modify or redesign your website.

  • Not being Mobile friendly: Is it a long time since your website was last updated? Or maybe you have hired a cheap web designer who robbed your website functionalities. Let’s face the hard truth, this is the mobile age and if your website does not open on mobile phones then it sends a clear message to the visitors – You do not care about the needs of your customers. Responsive Web Design is very important and if your website does not have these functionalities, it is certainly a huge drawback.
  • Clustered Navigation: Websites that comes off more like a misleading gimmick and is very hard to navigate. To come across such a situation, a few fix-up is essential. Larger files like videos, images, and animations can slow up your site speed which in turn will increase the bounce rate.
  • Making your Competition look great: Users want a website that makes a lasting impression. If your website is not working for any reason, it negatively affects the expectations of your user and they will drift to your competitor’s site. A responsible web page designer will ensure whether your user and traffic are getting sufficient information from your site. They will boost the credibility of your business services through social media icons, testimonials, review sections, portfolios and much more.
  • Dropping of Google Rankings: Google is always working to improve the quality of websites. In fact, it has penalized non-mobile friendly web design and this is one of the reasons for contributing to the pitfalls of web and graphic design. Website designed with poor content is also the other reason that results in dropping of Google rankings.
  • Many business owners still struggle to justify the cost of maintaining their web presence. Look at it this way, you have taken years to build your business, and a website is your company’s first impression. All you need to give is a little extra time, effort and surely affordable custom web design. Hence, contact Ciomic Technologies for a 360-degree web design and development services.

Our Web Designing Services

We know the right tricks to make your eCommerce website design, and do not believe in cutting corners. Hence, have a glance at our services:

  • Custom Web Design
  • eCommerce Web Design
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Mobile Friendly Web Design
  • Webpage Layout Design
  • Website Redesign
  • Landing Page Design and Optimization
  • Website Portfolio Designing
  • Designing Social Media pages
  • Newsletter design and Email Template Designing

Our Graphic design services include

  • Business card Designing
  • Logo Design
  • Flyer Designing
  • Car Wrap Design
  • Banner designing
  • Brochure designing
  • Shopping card Design
  • Product Packaging
  • Video Production Services

Industries We Serve

We serve our clients with affordable Responsive Web Design, Mobile UI Design, Web Graphics Design and eCommerce websites, but we are not limited to it. Therefore, if you do not belong to any one of the industries mentioned below, Ciomic Technologies is eager to work for you.

Here are the industries we have already partnered with:

  • Real Estate
  • Digital Marketing
  • Medical
  • Resort
  • Insurance
  • Event planners

We provide timely services to our clients and do not Bite Off more than we can chew. Once we start working with you, you are our family. So, Have a glance at our portfolio and call us or chat with us to clear your doubts.

Are you searching for a Web and Graphic Design Company?

At Ciomic Technologies we know what type of Web and Graphic Designing can attract visitors to your website. With our team of experts, we will give you a sleek, unique and Responsive Web Design. Over the years we have created websites for all kinds of clients. They may have differed in size and services, but they have one aim in common. That is: they want their web design done and they want it right.

Outsourcing Responsive Web Design works have become the standard for all businesses. So, if you are looking for an outsourcing Web and Graphic design partner, Ciomic Technologies has the right potential to help you grow. So, do not just sit on the fence, make a decision right now and give us a call!



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