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Have you ever wondered how come Professional Logo Design Services become so much important for any business? What comes to mind when we hear the name of Nike, US Polo, Dove, Mercedes, Adidas, Audi, Apple and Baskin Robbins. By Nike we only remember the wing in the air, The USPA makes us recall the player in the horse with a polo stick. The four rings of Audi, the three prolonged star of Mercedes, the sign of apple bitten by Eve, are a few signs that are recognized all over the world. All these logos have become so famous, that people recall the names of the company immediately they see the signs on cars, dresses, beauty products, hoardings, etc.

Recent research has shown that an effective Corporate Logo Design can have a significant positive effect on the company’s performance

The Logo may be small but it sets inside the mind of users and creates an impression of your company. People tend to forget many things but a study on human psychology says, human brains can remember signs and icons for a lengthy period of time.

How brand Identity and Unique Logo Design help in the growth of a business?

Brand recognition and awareness is the key to winning sufficient business prospects and in turn, build a strong base for recognition. A Unique Logo Design help customers remember your business more easily and spread vibes through words.

When owners of small and large businesses first get started, logos are the last thing they consider. Often, we come across business owners who just ask for a logo but does not have any strategy and planning. In reality, Professional Logo Design services influence customers in a positive way. So, one must strategically plan their Corporate Logo Design.

It is important to remember that there is a huge difference between a company and a brand. In fact, hundreds of products are available in the market and thousands of companies are offering services, but we love to use the products of famous brands, wear clothes of eminent labels. And do you even realize what makers them distinctive from the others? What makes them instantly recognizable? – It’s the Unique Logo Design!

A Corporate Logo Design sends good vibes to current and prospective customers every time it is seen. People who have absolutely no idea about your company subconsciously can build a connection owing to the color, font, shape, size, and design of your logo. Thus, slowly converting your business into an effective and popular brand.


Logotype with simple shapes

Eligible Fonts mixed with geometric shapes like lines points and rectangles is truly loved by customers throughout. Logotypes are popular because of their simplicity and coherence. The simple graphics provide an emblem and a balanced, consistent look. The geometric shapes can also create strong visual effects and thus can shine more than your competitors. Google Logo is a great example of this Logo Design Services. Ensure that you have a company name that is eye catchy and memorable. Therefore, when you combine the logo with words it turns into a strong brand recognition.

Lettermark Logo design

In the world of Professional Logo Design Services, Lettermark Logo design can be handy, if your company’s name is difficult to pronounce. Of course, simplicity is the key, all you can do is mix the initials with wide parallel lines that cut through a logo. The Slicing method of Custom Logo Design tends to add some space and air to your brand name. Famous logos following this Professional Logo Design pattern are IBM (International Business Machines Corporation), CNN (Cable News Network), HP (Hewlett Packard Enterprise), KFC (Kentucky Fried Chiken).

Combination Mark

According to research 56% of the Custom Logo Design, incorporates both text and a symbol. Known as Iconic Logotypes, these logos are so popular, that they spell out the company’s name along with the visual icon. Combination marks make a Custom Logo Design more versatile.

Pictorial marks or Logo Symbols

The pictorial marks (also called the logo symbol) is basically an icon or graphic based design. You can include your company initials or name along with it. If designed dedicatedly, Affordable Logo Design can turn into an emblem. For example the iconic Apple logo, or the logo of a twitter. Only the sign is enough to make people whisper the brand name.

Benefits of Professional Logo Design Services

Being a key component of brand identity, a custom logo provides instant recognition for your brand. Since companies need to spend a huge amount of money to create and promote effective logos, there are no particular guidelines for doing so. The value of the logo lies in its design and aesthetic appeal.

Here are a few benefits of Custom Logo Design

  • Updates your brand: Every industry has a trend and style, this is reflected in a company Logo. Looking at it you can easily get a blunt idea about the business niche. Through a Custom Logo Design, your audience or customers can predict your destination.

  • Modernize the look and feel: Experienced Logo Designers actually works to modernize your business look, which you and your customer can value. A logo must be unique for each and every brand. The main concept is to let audience and customer recognize your brand without even connecting to your services.

  • Custom Logo Design sends a message: Whatever message or aim your business has, an expert logo designer will be able to create an artful representation of your brand. Through our Professional Logo Design Services, we make sure that you convey a meaning to your business Each and every detail of a logo plays an important part, hence, our designers use the colors, font, icon, layout in the most efficient way.

  • Rebrand your Website Design: Only the simple and small Logo has the power to rebrand and redesign your web presence. An updated Unique Logo Design can tell a lot about your company, in fact, it’s a quality reassurance. Therefore, get a new logo for your website and contribute to website rebranding.


  • Research the field or industry: When it comes to logo even before you think of putting your pen into paper, research on the project. Nearly all designers agree to assemble the initial information because they must know what kind of environment the logo is going to live in. Research is important for custom, Logo designing because we need to know the recent trends.

  • Sketching and Conceptualising: Our Custom Logo Design experts start conceptualizing and reach upon a decision.

  • Design Execution: Finally, the Unique Logo Design concept is digitally executed. Ensure that the design works, and for that, the right typefaces, colors, fonts, and styles are looked upon.

  • Approval from the clients: Once the design is prepared, it is sent to the client for approval. In case of any necessary changes, our professional logo creator instantly looks into problems and provide the best solutions.

  • Delivery and Approval: After the final decision has been made, it is time to deliver the logo and use it. The final presentation includes polishing and delivering your Corporate Logo Design. We deliver the logos in various formats so that you can use it wherever you want to both print and in the web.

  • At Ciomic Technologies we believe our Logo Design Services always compliment the satisfaction of our customers. This is why we deliver the exact look and feel to the entire site, according to your product and services. Contact us to know our online logo design service packages.

Characteristics of a Unique Corporate Logo Design


Color tends to be the most essential part of Professional Logo Design services. It renders a personality to your business, and is, of course, related to human psychology. Therefore, a Unique Logo Design must know how to mix the core of the business aim, and emotion in one particular place.


Professional Logo Design Services must be as simple as possible but must be able to survive on the long trip. You can keep changing the color of the logo from solid to gradient but it should be immediately recognizable. Take for example the logo of apple, who does not recognize it! It does not have the look of a normal apple, rather a bitten one with a deep meaning. Yet it is simple and recognizable.


When a logo becomes an iconic one no one knows. Custom Logo Design must try to impress not only the audience but also someone who is not from the industry. Iconic logos invoke emotion and we immediately can relate to the brand. Expert designers will come up with such designs that can not only make a permanent impression but also appeal to their mind whenever and wherever they see it.


The Affordable Logo Design must express its relevance or tone. Is it sophisticated or playful? The relevance of the logo is such that it must be able to set the right tone even though there are others in the same industry. Just looking at the logos you can understand what the service is all about. On the other hand, a designer must be efficient enough to come across something that is edgy and modern. All you have to do is just look at the logo of your website and you can feel the tonal shift.


A good logo must look great at any size, such that from large banners to something small like websites and business cards, the logo must emphasize the idea of your business. It is important to create a scalable logo that maintains details at all sizes. By versatile, it also means in terms of color, it should look great in black and white, as well as in other color contrast.

Once the final design is complete, it is handed over to you. We deliver your files to various web and print ready formats like JPEG, PNG, TIF or any other formats according to your requirement. The reason is you can easily use them to create brochures, websites, visiting cards, newsletters and more.


At Ciomic Technologies, we believe each business has their own aim and business strategy. Therefore, we have personalized logo design for each of our clients.

Here are a few of our Custom Logo Design:

  • Illustrative Logo Design

  • Iconic Logo Design

  • Typographic Logo Design

  • Animated Logo Design

  • 2D Animated Logo

  • 3D Animated Logo Design

  • Symbolic Logo Design

  • Logo Re-design

Know about the industries we serve with our logo design services

Since 2015, we have designed over a hundred unique logo designing projects on affordable budget. Throughout the time we have also worked for numerous startups in almost every industry. Not only are they happy with our Professional Logo Design Services, but we are also successful in retaining a maximum number of our clients.

Here are the names of the industries we have worked with:

  • Real Estate

  • Schools & Institutions

  • Small Business

  • Beauty & Fashion

  • Consulting Services

  • Education

  • Entertainment & Media

  • Financial

  • Food & Beverage

  • Sports

  • Technology Services

  • Transportation

  • Travel

Corporate Identity is related to the visual aspects of a company’s presence. It includes visual images like the logo, website design. According to research, human beings tend to remember what is attractive, eye catchy and bold. Therefore, every enterprise that has a logo eventually leaves a mark on the public minds.

Why Choose Ciomic Technologies For Unique Logo Design?

At Ciomic Technologies we understand that all our clients have different demands. Our experienced logo designers are passionate to provide highly functional, visually appealing, unique designs that can drive business growth.

Our Professional Logo Design Services are authentic and focus only on your business ideals and aim. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of creativity. For us, professionalism, dedication and the latest knowledge is what measures our client’s success.

In case you are in need of a Professional Logo Design agency that can render a seamless user experience, you have come to the right place. Contact us for a free quote or call us at +91 9836816718/ +91 93300 17775 to get started.



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