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Develop Dynamic Website with Codeigniter Development Company

There are many open source platforms available which enable a developer to build a website. Among all of them a web development company considers CodeIgniter as one of the best platforms where you can get hassle-free website and application development. As a Codeigniter Development Company, we believe that this framework is immensely popular among PHP Developers due to its fast, light and powerful features.

Are you wondering why Codeigniter is one of the most popular and open source PHP application development frameworks in the world of web development? This powerful PHP framework help programmers to build a dynamic application. Those who are looking for a rich set of interface and logical structure to develop any dynamic website, CodeIgniter helps you to write code from the scratch. Besides, the dynamic features will surely support efficient website design & development.

Hence, Hire Codeigniter Developer to create advanced applications that include plugins, modules, and libraries to support the complicated PHP functions. As a Codeigniter Development Company, we have the right resource to develop a highly functional website with top class security.

Why does an experienced CodeIgniter programmer prefer to work with CodeIgniter development Platform?

Since CodeIgniter has inbuilt library classes, CodeIgniter programmers find it very much custom tailored. CI is surely easy to learn and CodeIgniter programmers easily adapt to working in this platform. Along with encouraging simple working with designers, developing a website in this framework means high functionality and updated quality.

Here are a few reasons why maximum web development company and their CodeIgniter programmer love working on CodeIgniter:

  • Codeigniter is mature, lightweight, and highly Efficient

    As the oldest and the most reliable frameworks for PHP, Codeigniter becomes the choice of PHP developers. It is extremely lightweight and also enables a CodeIgniter programmer to write whatever they need without any problem. The form validation feature of CodeIgniter helps you to write code in a single line. Therefore, developers love to use the validation framework to write code without any kind of hazards.

  • Bug Handling

    Bug handling refers to handling errors, and debugging is extremely easy in Codeigniter. Developers need to write only one line code to rectify all the errors in front of you. So, hire dedicated PHP developers to know the problem with your development code.Existing CodeIgniter files can be edited easily, and a developer can create what he needs to develop based on application. Customization of existing files is quite simple, and it never confuses the beginners.

  • Migration Aspect

    It is quite easy to manage database schema updates across various fields by using migration aspect. Migration from server to server is extremely easy in CodeIgniter.

    CI is based on the MVC development pattern that especially helps to develop dynamic and instinctual websites. Compared to other top frameworks CodeIgniter is the fastest, lightest PHP framework and indeed has a highly interactive interface with development friendly tools. It also has inbuilt libraries that reduce the time involved in writing complex codes from the scratch. CI is used to create robust web applications in PHP field. In fact, the applications which develop on Codeigniter framework work fast due to its explicitly dynamic features.

  • Step by Step Testing

    No other framework provides developers with the facility of testing the performance. A CodeIgniter programmer can verify the functionality of the project during the starting phase of the project and throughout. Codeigniter gives them the facility to analyze each and every phase of the project.

Why is Codeigniter preferred over other PHP Frameworks?

If you are planning to start a new project using custom PHP it is obvious that you need to send and collect a lot of files to get started. You also need to build a database and other configuration files. Maximum developers write the codes from the scratch and they need to use a lot of other PHP functions into the files. Whereas a developer need not worry about the classes and configurations. As a Codeigniter Development Company, we download the latest version and after unzipping and setting up we start developing your business websites.

Down below are a few benefits of CodeIgniter development:

  • MVC Structure

    Codeigniter is a Model – View – Controller based framework, that can give you the best output while building any application. If you have little idea about CodeIgniter then possibly you understand that this framework performs any database interaction through a model after coming to a controller. Whereas in PHP each of the single pages serves as an MVC and surely it is a complex job.

  • No Chance To Mess With The Code

    While working on a project in a team, the chance of messing up with the codes is always there. Separating the codes is extremely easy in CodeIgniter. The moment you hire CodeIgniter developer from Ciomic Technologies, they will break the models, controllers, and views, in turn, this will make their work easier and prevent mess up.

  • Minimum Duplication of Codes

    Most PHP Development Company prefer custom codes, but a developer always remains under pressure. Therefore, chances are that they can add functions to any existing class where they are working upon. Complexity is heightened when you find duplication, and several codes performing the same functionalities. In Codeigniter, developers write each function on a model and have a habit to write each side in its proper place thus preventing duplication. Certainly, this platform is better than any other PHP applications.

  • Easy error Handling

    In custom coding, it is impossible to keep track of the bugs and in turn, find them. The whole application can get disturbed due to one single problem in a code. Whereas, CodeIgniter Web Development is accomplished with error handling techniques and report code failures at the minimum level.

  • Codeigniter Cache Class

    If you compare maximum websites, the result will show denial in cache class. A Custom PHP Development Company, never mentions cache benefit to their clients. But as a CodeIgniter Development agency, we always propose our clients to add it to their websites. Surely, through the Codeigniter cache library, they find out the clicking history of the visitors and customers.

Our Codeigniter Development Services

Who does not want a problem free website that works on the user-friendly interface? Everyone does! This is why only for the benefit of our clients CodeIgniter PHP Development Company assists you to develop the best intuitive and dynamic websites.

Hire dedicated PHP developers from Ciomic technologies for services like:

  • Theme Design & Integration

  • Codeigniter Web Development

  • CI Application Development

  • CodeIgniter Portal Development

  • Codeigniter Integration Services

  • Upgradation to Codeigniter

  • CodeIgniter maintenance and support

  • CI-based web CMS

  • Codeigniter e-commerce project

  • Codeigniter shopping cart

  • CI migration Solutions

  • 3rd Party App Integration

  • CI Extension Development

  • Social Networking Development

  • PSD to Codeigniter Services

So, what are you waiting for? Hire PHP developers for CodeIgniter development and create a highly functional website today!

Which Industries Can Implement CodeIgniter Development

At Ciomic Technologies, we particularly believe in empowering business through digital intelligence by developing custom CodeIgniter e-commerce websites, for these industries:

  • Real Estate

  • Technologies

  • Food Industry

  • Jeweler Store

  • Hotels/Restaurants

  • eCommerce

  • Fashion & Apparel

  • Retail/Wholesale

  • Food & Restaurant

  • Beauty

  • Yoga

  • HealthCare

  • Logistics and Transportation

  • Media and Entertainment

  • Education & E-learning

Disadvantages of Poor CodeIgniter development

Consumers stay 10 hours online a day, and research has shown a badly developed website can hurt your business. There are hundreds of PHP Development Company, willing to develop your website at low costs, but then there are potential pitfalls into every cheap work. Poor Web Development can give rise to the following:

  • Poor Functionalities

    A badly developed Codeigniter website or application can have poor functionalities. In turn, it may create problems like disorganized functionalities, improper alignment, broken links, extra plugins and more.

  • Website Bugs

    Developers with poor knowledge of PHP frameworks can create a website with wrong logical codes. In fact, bugs can create a major functionality issue of a website and can risk your conversion rates.

  • Low Website Speed

    If you Hire CodeIgniter Developer check whether they have knowledge on speed optimization. It has been noted that visitors abandon a website if it does not open within 5 sec. Therefore, poor site speed tends to be a major drawback in website development.

    As a Codeigniter Development Company, we actually believe our services are cost-effective, and also business specified. On the positive side, the developers are quality oriented and specify their tasks through custom coding. Once we take up a project, fitting perspective to the client is always our aim.

  • Our Process For Codeigniter Development

    At Ciomic Technologies, our Codeigniter Development team delivers creative and result-oriented Web Development services to serve your business. Most noted for its unrivaled speed CodeIgniter has a great contribution to the open source development. Hence, we are here to explore the high feasibility and scalability perks of CodeIgniter framework and provide you high result oriented web development services.

  • Requirement Analysis

    The first process is known as the requirement posting and the initial discussion with the client. Along with connecting with the client and discussing their exact requirements, we also follow a fruitful discussion format through a video call. This is done so as to list the actual project requirements.

  • Strategy and Planning

    You can not reach Success without a perfect plan. And without calculating the strength and weaknesses of a project development is certainly meaningless. As a Codeigniter Development Company, strategy building and planning the work process of a project is foremost important. Therefore, we plan kicks off a project flawlessly so that it can progress positively.

  • Application Designing

    After exact project planning and analysis, it is handed over to the accountable CodeIgniter designing team. Theme Design & Integration is basically the architecture of the project. Designing is practically giving you the visual of how your website would look like. This step helps to remove possible flaws of website and application and helps the Codeigniter Development Company stick to your requirements.

  • Application Development

    Prior to the designing, we hand over the project to our dedicated PHP developers. The actual task of development starts with coding and data recording in the background. They are the ones who are responsible for the project variables and functionalities. Once the application or website is developed it goes through stringent testing. Here the project goes through a pilot study to ensure proper functionality. Therefore, Hire CodeIgniter Developers to ensure that your project gets a seamless designing and development.

  • Delivery and Launching

    In the testing phase, the application is accessed for bugs and functionality errors. Once our CodeIgniter Development professionals complete the quality analysis, we hand over the project to the client so that they can check the robustness of the software, website or application, whichever they want. After finalization, the CodeIgniter website is launched and can increase conversion rates.

  • Support & Maintenance

    After the final launching, we keep close contact with our clients and offer 3 months of free support & maintenance services. Our developers believe Codeigniter eCommerce projects are never complete, it needs refinements at regular intervals. Therefore, Hire CodeIgniter Developer to keep your business entity updated.

Why work with Ciomic Technologies as your CodeIgniter development company?

Ciomic Technologies was established in 2015, and since its inception, we aim to provide customized solutions for web and mobile applications. As a CodeIgniter Development Company, our team is proficient in PHP Programming.

Throughout the years, we have created many PHP CodeIgniter based projects. Having years of experience in this field our team is sensible, understands the complexity of the project. In fact, with thorough research, they instantly win the hearts of clients all over the world.

Also, being a Codeigniter Development Company, we believe in agile methodology and stay connected without clients throughout the development process. Hire Codeigniter Developer from us as they take each requirement as a prominent task and maintain the uniqueness of the entire Codeigniter Development process. Throughout a project, we take regular feedback and analysis on our approaches to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

Here are a few things that you can expect from us:

  • Reliable solutions

  • Advanced and secured development

  • Support and Maintenance services

  • Seamless Communication

  • Weekly Reports on project advancements

  • On-time Delivery

We follow a meticulous approach to ensure great results. Along with that, our in-house team feels privileged to help agency and business owners during work overload offering outsourcing services. Our flexible user engagement model will certainly attract you in working with us. Hire dedicated PHP developers from us to work as your extended team and experienced high Return On Investment.

Hence, connect with us at +91 9836816718 or +91 93300 17775 and discuss the needs and requirements of your project.



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