Search Engine Marketing Company

Search Engine Marketing Company

How does a Search Engine Marketing Company Work?

Search Engine Marketing is a process of gaining traffic and visibility in the search engines through both paid and unpaid strategies. SEO is actually earning traffic through unpaid means while SEM is attracting or buying customers through paid mediums or Google advertising. Search Engine Marketing Company follows mechanisms like SEO, Social Media Posts, Pay Per Click, Geo Mapping, Adsense and AdWords as well as advertising through numerous other social media sites.

As of June 2018, 55.1% of the world’s population has access to the internet.  In turn, it also means reading the news to watching movies, contacting service providers and shopping through the Internet.

So, when you have your business website by your side, how will you inform the people seeking for your service? Whenever you enter your services you see the names of several companies instead of yours.  What your competitors are doing, that makes them part of the top ten but you are nowhere visible?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the answer, your competitors have the best keywords and the most efficient Search Engine Marketers working under their sleeves.

What are the activities performed for Local SEO Services?

To bring your website in ranking you must inform the search engine about the existence of your website and what is it all about.  What kind of services you offer and whom do you plan to help.

Let’s peep into the Local SEO Services performed Daily/Fortnightly/Monthly by SEO specialist:

  1. Daily Search Engine Post with information about your website
  2. Daily submission of your website link in top Directory sites
  3. Promoting website through Daily Classified
  4. Social Bookmarking for Lead Generation
  5. Daily Social Media Infographic and Daily Post
  6. Off Page Blog, Articles and Guest Blog Post in top blog sites

Other Tasks include:

  • PPT and Data Submission
  • Video Uploading
  • One local Listing each month

Our SEO strategy is to use the high ranked keywords and target the right audience. In fact, the only way to attract huge traffic is by submitting unique and authentic contents.

As a Search Engine Marketing Company, our team knows the right SEO Strategies (On-Page, Technical, and Off-Page SEO) to boost your website ranking. Organic SEO is time taking, therefore, patience is the only way to see your website in Google’s First Pages.

Affordable SEO Services and Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimization is a process that triggers the Google Algorithm, by placing  proper information and maintaining all the Google standards. Google loves to welcome new, informative and completely unique information. Therefore, you must make sure that your website is absolutely clean and follows the Google Algorithm updates and standards.

Social media marketing along with local SEO services is creating a revolution. For eCommerce websites, social media engagement becomes very important. The idea behind Social Media promotion is to connect with your customers, increase brand awareness and also boost leads through social sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and more.

The other way to engage your customers more easily is through paid advertising or PPC management services. PPC is done through AdWords and you need to pay to visibility in Google’s first page.

Eager to know how we start our Search Engine Marketing?

The moment we get the confirmation from our clients, we start by researching the business niche, the competitor’s website, what kind of strategies they are following and their particular keywords.

Prior to the keyword search here is what we do next:

  • Prepare account for Off-page SEO
  • Start writing Unique Website Content
  • Placing Keywords abiding the Yoast SEO guidelines
  • Complete the On-Page and Technical SEO tasks
  • Image Optimization with Alt Tags
  • Start Off-Page with daily Classified, Social Bookmarking, Social Media Posts and more

What are the Types of SEO

The SEO practices adopted by marketers can be broadly classified into two types. On-Page and the Off-Page SEO. Hiring a Search Engine Marketing Company can help your startup, small, or brand gain visibility in Google. But there are hundreds of companies claiming to offer the best SEO services, how do you ensure your SEO Analyst is doing a good job for your business?

Every website in order to show up in the first pages of Google, must maintain the SEO standards. Wisely following these strategies brings visibility to your website and help you in lead generation.

Here are the types of SEO that we follow:

  • Result Oriented On Page SEO
  • Advanced & Ethical Off Page SEO
  • Local Search – Google My Business
  • Complete Technical SEO

Along with SEO, to bring increased engagement our SMO packages includes:

  1. On Page SMO
  2. Facebook Optimization
  3. Google Plus Post
  4. Twitter Optimization
  5. Linkedin & Pinterest Optimization
  6. Youtube Optimization and video post

What Will You Gain From Search Engine Optimization?

Increased Traffic

Top pages found in the SERPs receive majority visits, and clicks. Therefore, ranking your website in the first pages of google results in generating significant traffic, and give you more focus. If you check on the human psychology, we never navigate further than the 1st pages. In case, we don’t find our information on the 1st page, we can scroll to the 2nd page and not further than that. Therefore, keyword rankings that come around 3rd or the 4th pages has a minimum value.

Higher brand credibility and increased Brand Awareness

Top position rankings result in making significant impressions. Having a website in the top pages of search results gives more exposure to the website. In fact, the audience has the vision that the websites on the 1st page provide the best services and are trustworthy.

SEO helps in PR

Tags and descriptions help to increase the click-through rate, which also promotes increases in qualified web traffic.  One gets more visitors and they turn into customers. As a Search Engine Marketing Company,  we believe Columnist Erin Everhart in Search Engine Land remarked the right statement, “When it comes to SEO and PR both goes together like peanut butter and jelly.” SEO certainly expands the good name of your company and helps to communicate even better with your customers.

How important is a top listing in Google?

Search Engine Optimization is a cornerstone of inbound marketing. But the one rule is – if  your website is not visible in the 1st page of Google with the relevant keyword searches, chances are that you might not get any leads from the web.

As Google is the most widely used search engine in the world. It is also the biggest platform for inbound marketers. Google shows 10 results in the first page when someone searches for results. These results are based on issues like maximum backlinks, site speed, bounce rates, great reviews and so on.

Therefore, if your business website is in the first pages of Google, it means an excellent opportunity for you and your company. But getting your keyword ranking in the 1st page of Google is very easy but holding them in there, is extremely tough. The actual success of a Professional SEO Marketing Company lies in how long they can hold the rankings.

Reasons Why Your Business Is Not In The First Page of Google

Is it the fact that you have a SEO team, and they are putting a lot of effort but none of your keywords are showing up? Do you often hear that prospects cannot find your website or having difficulty finding you?

Here are a few reasons you must be falling off from Google’s search results:

Website not listed in Google My Business

Though this is the first important step in online marketing, chances are there that you have not informed Google about your business. Start off by creating your listing on Google My Business. GMB is a free service that alerts Google about your website services.

  1. List your hours
  2. Your website name
  3. Your address
  4. Contact Number
  5. Email Address
  6. Upload Authentic Office photos
  7. Google My Business works along with Google Maps

When you place your location and other information on this platform, it gives your prospects automatic directions and also guides people trying to find your business online.

You are not having a complete optimized On-Page

With 4 years as a Search Engine Marketing Company, we have come across many websites that do not have a completely optimized on-page. If you are having a website build in WordPress, install Yoast SEO for fast ranking factors.

Here are a few On-Page SEO guidelines:

  1. Specify the Focus Keyword in the Page
  2. Mention a Page Title within 69 characters
  3. Give a Meta Description within 156 characters
  4. Use a high search volume keyword to write the page
  5. Meta Tags and Image Tags really Important
  6. No Broken URLs or URL ending with numbers
  7. Unique and authentic content with 0.5% Keywords

Site Speed is a big drawback

Having you ever checked on how fast your website opens? If not, it is the time to do so! An optimized website should not take more than 2 seconds to load. Websites that loads slowly are inviting the visitors to run away and visit the competitor’s website. This is the place that gives rise to ‘bounce rate’. Here the searchers hit the ‘back button’ as their information takes a long time to open.

As a Search Engine Marketing Company, we always run a free report on GTMetrix to get an idea of how long it takes for your website pages to load and the flaws.

Improper Keyword Implementation

In a market saturated with competition, take a note on what type of Keywords you are using for your website. If you are running a local business, have a competition analysis and research on the target audience. After that set high search volume long-tail Keywords.

At Ciomic Technologies, we use Google Adwords, Keyword Planner tool to find long-tail keywords for your website. We also look at the bottom of SERPs for information on queries people are looking.

If you are lagging behind your competitors and your keywords are not showing in the search results, chances are that you are:

  1. Not having good page authority backlink
  2. Bad Reviews or no Google+ Ratings
  3. Not active on Social Media like facebook, twitter, Instagram

These things are no SEO Biggie, they are a list of strategies that each and every ethical SEO practitioner or Search Engine marketing Company must follow to clean up your online presence.

How will Google find your page?

Web Designers and developers do the basic level SEO by indicating each page as Home, About Us, Service Pages, Blogs and more. For each page, there must be a specific Page Title, Focus Keyword, and Meta Description. Software programs called Google bots (robots or spiders) crawl through millions of website pages and posts every day.

These bots collect all of the website data and add it to the index of the World Wide Web. Since they are always busy, they want to ensure that information of your website are unique, accurate and easily indexable. If the Google bots fail to crawl your website content of your website, in no way the URL will appear in the Search engine results. When the Google bots come to your website, it is directed by robot.txt.

Here are a few ways to ensure that the content of your website is easily indexable:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Domain Age
  • Keyword Competition
  • Content Quality
  • Clean domain

In case, you are completely new to the digital marketing industry, contact an expert Search Engine Marketing Company for a consultation or for affordable SEO services.

How soon will a website come into rank?

Business developers may try a lot in the hope that their pages show directly beneath the box in Google’s first page. But reaching the top search engine rankings is quite touch. Owing to the reason that more and more small and startups companies are rising and every business has their own website. Google rank does not show up overnight, especially for small business who have a minimum web presence.

Since SEO or Search Engine Optimization refers to a stock of strategies and Technologies used to bring ranking on the top search Engines, you must be capable of following all the strategies wisely. It is best to abide by the Google Algorithm updates for quick results.

According to sources, the average time for a completely new website to rank in Google search engine through SEO techniques is approximately 6 months. A combination of Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Google Advertising actively increases the visibility of a website.

Ciomic Technologies as a Search Engine Marketing Company, has been providing Affordable Search Engine Marketing Services for over 4 years. Contact us at +91 9836816718 for affordable SEO services, or mail us at for PPC management services.