Mobile UI Design

Mobile UI Design

Know The Importance of Using Mobile UI Design In The Modern Digital World

As a layman, or completely new to the web and graphic design services, we seldom get confused with the technical terms used by web and mobile apps design company. Mobile UI Design, as well as User Experience (UX), are the opposite sides of the same coin. Both aims to create a bonding between the products and the users.

There are plenty of websites out there all clamoring for people’s attention. So, most naturally you’ll need to stand out from the crowd and wait for the chance of being noticed. The first and foremost important step towards having a website is to get the design ready.

How is a website created?

To be very exact when you think of owning a website, the first decision you must take is to buy your website domain, after that hire one of the trustworthy creative companies who offer web and graphic design services. Communicate with them about your business details and what type of web design you are expecting.

Since there are specific styles and design for each business and service website, the web designing team will work upon your ideas and create demo designs, among which you need to choose one or tell the company to modify few areas to suit your needs.

Following the web and graphic design services, comes the HTML, CSS coding, next the project is handed over to web developer team, and after proper testing of your website functionalities, the website is made LIVE.

Here are 3 quick steps of creating a website:

  • Choose your Website Building Platform
  • Choose your Website Address
  • Customize your website to get the best look and feel

Being a complete Web & Mobile Apps Designing and development company, we take care of your website maintenance for 3 months at no cost. Until then you do not need to worry about keeping your site engaged and optimized.

Why Mobile UI/UX Design Services?

In this fast pacing and ever-changing environment each business owner wants a website or mobile app with the following aims:

  • Enhance brand identity
  • Increases customer engagement
  • Generate new revenues and boost sales

Therefore, when you come across mobile apps, CRM or Software that looks great, but is difficult to use – it is an example of a great Mobile UI Design mixed with poor UX.

While something that is highly usable but looks awful is an example of a great User Experience (UX) mixed with poor User Interface (UI).

More than ever people are engaging with their mobile phones and we cannot believe a life devoid of this device. Smartphones are convenient to use and are becoming a medium of marketing.

There are Mobile Applications to play games, get access to news, weather report, Google maps, read books, order foods, purchase fashion dresses, jewelry and more. Easy to download and often free, mobile apps are convenient to use or you may even download it for information.

The primary goal of any business is to generate profits by increasing the sales. Besides the Mobile UI Design helps in winning an instant engagement with the chief attributes like:

  • User Friendliness
  • Delivering Functionality
  • Unsurpassed User-Experience

A Brief Explanation of UX Design

User Experience Design revolves around the process of enhancing user satisfaction with the product. The top factors that need to be verified are improving the usability and accessibility for those who are using the product, apps, or software.

Separating UI and UX Design

Despite being very integral to each other, the roles of Mobile UI Design and UX are very different from each other. For many people, the word design is associated with creativity, colors, and graphics but this is not exactly the role of UX. The role of a UX Designer is to know the target customers and to make their experience with your products or services as delightful as it can be. The chief attributes of UX design are:

  • Functionality
  • User Adaptability
  • Usability

The UX designers are mainly focused on the development of digital products. The ultimate aim of a UX designer should be to connect business goals to user needs through testing and refinement.

On the other hand, UI (User Interface) designers work with enhancing the look and feel of the mobile application, software. The application must have simpler look, more consistent look and feel. A UI designer conducts the following task:

  • Research on the Design
  • Proper Customer Analysis
  • Graphics and Brand Development
  • Set the guidelines of the design

Together Mobile UI Design and UX is all about giving the users the best experience possible. A great product experience starts with UX followed by UI.

A complete guide towards perfect  Apps Development using Mobile UI Design

According to research, we spend more than 5 hours per day on surfing the internet from our mobile phones. Most of the time either we play games or listen to the news, watch movies or surf the shopping sites. All these are done through mobile Applications and users only love to use those apps which has a combination of great features, looks, and functionalities.

The technical term for a great app design with functionalities is known as UI/UX design. Mobile Users expect a lot from the app they are using: It must be having fast loading speed, ease of use and more. On the other hand, social media apps must be a delight during the interaction.

If you want your app to be successful, you have to consider UX to be one of the essential components of product strategy followed by Mobile UI Design. Here are a few tips or recommendations that can help you create a user-friendly mobile Apps:


Cut off the clutter in your Mobile App Design and development. If you are over cluttering your design it means you tend to provide too much information to your users which they can think is boring. Every added button, icons and images make the screen more complicated. Since the screen size of the mobile is quite small, reducing clutter will improve comprehension.

Here are a few tips for a decluttered Mobile App Development

  1. More White Space
  2. Do not use unnecessary animation
  3. Set the right color combination
  4. Minimum content with only essentials


The technique of progressive disclosure is an interaction design technique that helps in maintaining focus and reducing clutter, and confusion. In other words, it is displaying a good teaser and can include the following:

  1. A sample of what is next
  2. Relative search Link
  3. View more details link
  4. Scroll Up to see more listings
  5. Verify account information on the first page
  6. Advanced search link


Chunking helps in connecting two different activities. When a Mobile App design contains a lot of actions, it is better to divide the tasks into a number of subtasks or steps. During a Mobile UI Design, these steps gain a huge importance.

Whether you have a mobile application design,  presentation, web application or any other interface, chunking can help in adding relevant information and reducing clutter.

Here are a few examples of Chunking:

  1. SlideShare in forms
  2. Type Forms
  3. Scrollable pages

Research shows that 20% of the website content is actually read by the visitors. Rather than reading they like to scan a website. Therefore, Chunking makes the functionality scanning even more clear.


Typing on a small mobile screen becomes very difficult. When it comes to forms, minimize user input is one of the most important types of interactions for users on apps and web. Contact us form help the users to communicate easily with the service providers. As a UI/ UX Design Agency, we design forms for registration, subscription services, checkout, customer feedback, payment forms, applying for job forms and much more.

Our Mobile App Designers keep the latest Mobile UI/UX Design Trends in mind and creates above market standard projects at very affordable rates.  Get in touch with us to know our Mobile Apps Development strategy.

Why Responsive Web Design is Important?

A website with Responsive Web Design is a site that adapts in all types of screen sizes, regardless of what device it is. If a website is responsive, it means that all contents and pages are flexible across every screen sizes and devices. The website will have a unified look and easily navigable.

The availability of 4G has impacted how people use their mobile devices. We spent twice as long online on our smartphones than laptops and personal computers. In 2016 research has shown that mobile web usage had overtaken desktop for the first time. The highly dramatic shift in the behavior of people using their smartphones, tablets to shop online, online banking, paying bills, watch movies, editing photos and scroll through social media forced developers to adapt to the new technology of Responsive Web Designing.

Nowadays, it has become very much important to get responsive web design services from a professional web design and development company having proper knowledge of this technology. Whether you have a website or an application it must have the capacity to open in different screen sizes, must have multiple device compatibility and be easily navigable.

Why is Responsive Web Design the most important feature of your Website?


Unresponsive Website usually distorts the way website appears. If the desktop users have no problem navigating through your site, but a person trying to open your website over the phone will surely move away to your competitor’s site. If someone is trying to open a desktop responsive website on a mobile device it will have jumbled texts, non aligned images, and users have to scroll through endless pages in search of the information they need. This makes it a pain for visitors to use your site smoothly and seamlessly.


Responsive Websites has great chances of ranking high in Google SERPs. The high-quality content, alt tag images, ‘user-focused’ experience will give the visitors as much information as they need. In turn, pushing your website towards the top and also bringing more conversion in sales. Google recommends a responsive web design pattern for every website. Also, each page on the website must be marked with unique, high ranked keywords, meta titles, and meta descriptions.

In fact, Responsive Web Design is affordable and very easy to maintain. You need to have one website but it supports multi-device users. During the current Google analytics update, Google remarked that a website must have mobile-first design and keywords set according to the searches.

Why Choose a Customer-centric UI UX Design Agency?

At Ciomic Technologies, we design websites, mobile apps keeping the search in mind. It means we design to provide the best experience for your visitors. With the most customized, and clean mobile apps design you can easily aim for a higher return on investment.

Since Mobile UI Design is for the small screen, we keep it simple and seriously follow the recent design trends. When you partner with Ciomic Technologies for web and graphic design services, and Mobile Apps Development here is what you can expect:

  • Captivating Designs for Android, IOS, hybrid Apps.
  • Prolific UI integrity
  • Long-lasting Impact on Users

While designing an application for our clients, we use groundbreaking tools like Affinity, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and other latest trends in the market. Synced with today’s UI/ UX design trends, as a Web Designing Company or a  UI/UX Design Agency, we create the most path changing marketing Mobile UI Design that compliments well with your brand name. With time these designs will help you attract customers for your products and services and in turn boost profits. Moreover, our developers strive to give your users a defining mobile app experience altogether.

There is nothing worse than a digital experience that has a poor design and very difficult to navigate. During such circumstances, potential clients can just quit from your app due to the reasons:

  • It takes time to open
  • Gives a complicated browsing experience


As a business mobile app development company, our team understands who your target audience is and what they need. Moreover, research and evaluation help us to set up a User Interface and User experience for your business/ service website, with a modish design, updated functions, along with clear calls to action buttons.

Hire best mobile app developers from Ciomic Technologies, at affordable packages or choose us as your outsourcing partner. Call us at +91 9836816718 to discuss your project or shoot us an email for affordable responsive web design services, Mobile UI Design or for Freelance UX Designer.